The holidays are a festive time for all to enjoy. Unfortunately, they are also a time when injuries from falling are increased. Some of these scenarios can include the following:

Hanging Lights

Some people like to decorate for Christmas. Beautiful lights add to the festive mood and look spectacular when they sparkle at night. The downside of all the lovely decorations is that they require you to be up high, whether it be on the roof or on a ladder to reach the top of your Christmas tree. Surprisingly, over 60 percent of all elevated falls happen from an elevation of less than 10 feet, as stated by If you must use a ladder during the holiday season,  here are some suggestions and tips for doing so safely:

  • Ensure your ladder is not damaged. It shouldn’t contain dents, cracks or broken parts. Take note if the ladder doesn’t seem steady or is uneven. If you notice this, refrain from using the ladder.
  • Wear slip-resistant shoes when climbing the ladder. Do not wear flip-flops or dress shoes. It is incredibly easy to slip on a rung that could lead to a serious injury from a fall. Remember to keep three points of contact on the ladder at all times.
  • Keep your body centered on the ladder at all times. You don’t want to lean too far to either side. If you’re unable to reach, then you should get down and move the ladder. Failing to do so could cause the ladder to tip, causing you to fall.

Snow And Ice

Almost everyone wishes for snow during the Christmas season. The kids love to get out make a snow angel or build a snowman. And, don’t forget snowball fights. But, all the snow and ice can lead to falls. With the increased shopping, you are doing more walking through icy parking lots and all it takes is one slip and fall to wind up with a painful injury that will make the holidays less than enjoyable. Therefore, always watch your step and be extra cautious when there is snow and ice on the ground.


If you’re like most people, you do a lot of shopping in malls and department stores to complete your Christmas shopping list. You might not realize you are at an increased risk of a slip and fall accident while you are on the hunt for the perfect holiday sale. However, as Christmas day draws closer, everyone is frantically trying to finish their holiday shopping. With all the people around there’s more of a danger. You could accidentally run into someone or trip and this could cause you to fall. Just be aware of your surroundings and don’t rush. The more you rush, the higher your risk of falling will be.


If you’re going to be visiting an airport for travel during the holiday season, you must be cautious. There’s going to be many other people traveling as well and the airport will likely be crowded. People are going to be rushing to make sure they don’t miss their flight. With all the fast-paced moving around, you are more likely to suffer from a slip and fall at the airport. Therefore, make sure you arrive extra early for your flight so you can take your time. You do not need the added stress of being late. Although everyone around you is rushing around the airport, you will be able to move at a comfortable pace, stay alert and get out of the way of those who are less courteous.

Your main focus during the holidays is to enjoy friends, family, and festivities. But, you also want to stay safe. So, take note of your surroundings and remain cautious with all your holiday activities.