I am so thankful that I contacted the Philadelphia Law Firm right after I was bitten. Shortly after calling, I was able to schedule my free legal consult with an experienced attorney. Thanks to their expertise and thorough evaluation of my dog bite incident, my lawyer helped me secure much-needed additional financial support. Additionally, my lawyer’s support and dedication to my case made me far more comfortable throughout the entirety of my legal proceedings.

— Thomas R. Philadelphia, PA

I highly recommend the Philadelphia Law Firm to all victims of dog attacks in the Philadelphia area. Their attention to detail, prior experience, and supreme understanding of personal injury law made my experience simpler than I anticipated. The trauma from my dog bite incident left me both scared, and confused. Without my attorney, I am unsure that I would have won the financial reparations that I ended up receiving.

— Jane C. Plymouth, PA

After my sister’s dog bit me, I thought that there was nothing I could do. If I didn’t seek out counsel from The Philadelphia Law Firm, I may have endured this burden alone. After reviewing my case, and comparing it to similar prior cases, I learned there were plausible actions that I could take. Mr. Liss was extremely dedicated to my case, providing both legal and personal support during a traumatic time in my life. I am extremely grateful for their support and recommend their services to all victims.

— Brett N. Ardmore, PA

My son was viciously disfigured by a local “dangerous” dog. My husband and I had no knowledge of dog bite law, so we contacted Dog Bite Lawyer Philly. Thankfully, the experienced team of attorneys providing us with meaningful support, and vital legal information. Without their support and knowledge our son may not have received the support he desperately needed. Mr. Liss was both compassionate, and diligent in handling our lawsuit case, all affected families should trust him.

— Stephanie F. Philadelphia, PA


My daughter was severely injured last year by a large dog at a Philadelphia park. The dog didn’t bite her, instead, she was knocked over and fell onto her head. I had no idea what to do, or who to turn to. Thankfully a friend of mine recommended Attorney Perry Liss. The Philadelphia Law Firm acted diligently, and appropriately handling my daughter’s case, updating me consistently. Mr. Liss has extensive knowledge of personal injury law and would be my lawyer of choice for any similar future incidents.

— Zachary T. Conshohocken, PA

Without your support after my dog bite, I don’t know how I would have moved on. The Philadelphia Law Firm provided me peace of mind when I was in a bad place. I knew that I couldn’t leave the hospital to meet with an attorney, so I am eternally thankful that after reviewing my case, Mr. Liss came to me. At that moment, I knew I had an attorney that I could trust, which really helped me to calm down. The law firm handled my dog bite lawsuit claim professionally, and updated me frequently.

— Mike D. Philadelphia, PA

When my brother was attacked by a stray dog on a local trail, we were unsure how we could legally proceed. Mr. Liss of The Philadelphia Law Firm made it his duty to clarify my brother’s legal rights. I had no idea that he could have gotten rabies, or tetanus or even how frequently accidents like this took place. Attorney Perry Liss assured me that my brother would receive the medical treatment he needed and that he would handle the legal procedure.  I am happy to say, he delivered my brother a complete damages compensation.

— Adam V. Philadelphia, PA

I had so many questions after the neighbor’s dog attacked me. It all happened so fast, and I barely knew what happened. A nearby witness informed me that my neighbors Pit bull had attacked me. I still relive the feelings from that day today, flashbacks occur more than I expected leaving me extremely frightened. My mother found The Philadelphia Law Firm online and helped me schedule a consultation.  Mr. Liss explained my legal rights to me and helped me feel a sense of security during an uncertain time. With his counsel and assistance, I was entitled to complete compensation for both my physical and emotional injuries.

— Grace P. Andorra, PA