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Philadelphia Fall Accidents


Generally, slip and fall cases are organized based on a law doctrine known as premises liability. In many cases, individuals who have been injured by falls are exposed to dangerous, harmful conditions on commercial, residential, or even government property.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (, there were nearly 250,000 workers injured in slips, trips, and falls in 2014, and over 800 fatalities resulting from fatal falls. Furthermore, the BLS indicated that slip, trip, and fall accidents were the second leading cause of death in all private industries.

Philadelphia is the 5th largest city in the United States, with a population of over 1,500,000 citizens. Philadelphia has the 24th highest population density among U.S. cities, creating a multitude of opportunities for falls, ranging from locations like Rittenhouse Square to Broad Street. Although these accidents can occur anywhere, the majority of such incidents occur on commercial properties.

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Common Locations Of Accidents:

Our personal injury attorneys at The Philadelphia Law Firm are proud to assist all victims of slip and fall accidents. We have substantial experience working with individuals affected by such accidents, in fact, we believe we can assist all victims regardless of the setting of their fall. Below is a list of the most common settings for slips, trips, and falls in the Philadelphia area.


  • Can be caused by uneven pavement, holes in the walking surface, or broken pavement.
  • Can also be influenced by wet/icy conditions, often caused by ice, snow or other winter weather conditions.
  • Property owners have a duty to clear their sidewalks and maintain their sidewalks, if they do not do so, they are likely liable for any accidents that occur there.

City, State, or Federal Property

  • Falls on government property can present far more extraneous legal challenges for victims.
  • Can be caused by a variety of factors including deficient roadways, lack of danger warning signs, slippery surfaces, etc.
  • Without an attorney who has significant experience working with personal injury victims on city or state property, victims are placed at an extreme disadvantage.

Restaurants, Bars, & Nightclubs

  • Property owners have a duty to maintain safe conditions within their property, including clean work facilities, and proper restroom maintenance.
  • More specifically, many fall accidents that occur in restaurants, bars, or clubs are the result of slippery floors and improper warnings of such conditions.
  • We highly recommend that individuals who are injured in Philadelphia restaurants or bars work with our experienced staff to secure maximum potential compensation for their damages.

Escalators & Elevators

  • Can be caused by improper maintenance, faulty manufacturing, or by significant design and safety flaws.
  • With the increasing frequency of high-rise buildings in Philadelphia, citizens are at an increased risk for injuries from being stuck between floors or being struck by or caught in between machinery or equipment.

Hospitals And Nursing Home Facilities

  • While we expect care facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes to provide safe, healthy living environments, in the event of a slip and fall, they were likely negligent.
  • Slip & falls can be especially gruesome, and devastating for the elderly, since they are aging into their latter years, they can often have a more difficult time recovering from such an accident.
  • Due to the increased risk of patients in Philadelphia nursing homes and hospitals being injured in slip and fall accidents, organizations are expected to implement preventative precautions to deter potential accidents.

Some Common Causes Of Falls In Hospitals & Nursing Homes Are:

  • Inadequate lighting, bed rails or equipment
  • Spills, debris, or other tripping hazards
  • Understaffing- Responsibility exceeds the number of workers

Public Transportation

  • Philadelphia’s public transportation system ranks 9th in the U.S., due to 27 % of the Philly population relying on public transportation as their primary form of transportation.
  • SEPTA which is Philadelphia’s public transit agency ranks as the 6th largest public transit system in the U.S., ranging from buses to trains, to trolleys.
  • With such a high percentage of the city population utilizing public transportation, there is a higher chance of trips, slips, and falls for work commuters utilizing the various options of public transportation.

Apartments And Condos

  • If an individual suffers injuries from an apartment slip, and fall accident, they likely have a right to extensive legal reparations for damages.
  • Such incidents have been caused by improper building maintenance including broken tiles, defective staircases, slippery floors, etc.
  • To best serve all victims of slip, falls, and trips in Philadelphia County apartments and condos, we recommend contacting our legal professionals before taking any action against any liable property owner or managing agent in order to receive maximum potential compensation.

Health Clubs, Spas, & Gyms

  • Health clubs, spas, and gyms are businesses tailored to encourage healthy living,  enhance mental health, and to promote the achievement of fitness goals,
  • Meanwhile, our attorneys have seen a plethora of slip and fall cases in spas, gyms, and health clubs, where members and visitors have been injured severely.

Some common slipping or tripping hazards in health clubs, spas, and gyms are:

  • Wet floors, torn carpets, and broken tiles
  • Broken equipment and unsecured electrical wiring and cables, and other left out equipment

Shopping Malls, Stores, Supermarkets

  • All property owners are expected to keep their properties in a reasonably safe condition, what is reasonably safe is defined based on conditions such as weather, time, and maintenance.
  • When individuals are formally, or informally invited onto another property, the property owner assumes the responsibility of their shop and all those on their property in exchange for a consumer’s business.
  • In stores, malls, and markets there is above-average population density, often influencing a greater number of potential slip, trip, and fall incidents during peak work hours, and holiday hours.

Office Buildings

  • Accidents can occur in a large variety of ways while employees are at work, some examples are incidents resulting from defective staircases, or falls caused by floor conditions such as puddles, uneven carpets or misplaced electrical wiring.
  • Workplace injuries at office buildings can only lead to a potential lawsuit if they were caused by a third parties involvement, typically negligence on their behalf.

Examples of 3rd Parties Responsible In Prior Cases

  • Outside contractors working on office building- cleaning services, repairmen, etc.
  • Office building landlord, management company & security company.

Broken, Uneven, Or Defective Staircases

  • Property owners have a duty to maintain their property, this without a doubt includes the maintenance of their stairwells and steps.
  • Staircases are expected to be maintained with proper nosing, handrails, lighting and repairs for holes and durability issues.
  • If property owners do not actively maintain their steps, and staircases, there is a wide-array of potential injuries that can occur from resulting slip, falls, and trips.

Parking Lot Slips, Trips, And Falls

  • Parking lot slip and fall accidents can often times be more complex than typical slip and fall cases, this is because most parking lots are owned by large businesses or local or state government organizations.
  • Parking lot owners are required to maintain their properties, including filling potholes, maintaining sidewalks, and working to ensure an even, safe driving surface.

Some Of The Most Frequent Locations of Philadelphia Cases Are:

  • The King of Prussia Mall
  • Center City parking lots
  • The Philadelphia Zoo
  • Sports Stadiums

Sports Stadiums

  • Philadelphia’s sports stadiums such as Lincoln Financial Field, Citizens Bank Park, and The Wells-Fargo Center can indirectly present individuals with a great number of slip, trip and falls risk factors unintentionally.
  • Due to the massive population’s that are allowed in these state-of-art, grandiose stadiums, employees are required to constantly maintain walking surfaces, including debris and trash maintenance. The lack of proper stadium management is likely to lead to serious slip and fall injuries.
  • For instance, individuals who attend sporting events are likely to be exposed to slippery surfaces both in the parking lot and in the building’s common areas.
  • The “wear and tear” from individuals walking on sidewalks, or driving on parking lots is likely to be especially tremendous at Philadelphia sports facilities, increasing the maintenance required from property owners to keep their properties “reasonably safe.”

Slip, Trip & Falls At Philadelphia International Airport

  • Philadelphia International Airport is the largest airport in the Delaware Valley region and is the 18th busiest airport in the United States.
  • Nearly 30,000,000 people travel through Philadelphia each year by way of PHL, (Philadelphia International Airport) placing immense pressure on airport employees to maintain safe walking surfaces, including sidewalks and parking lots.
  • Additionally, airport fall accidents can be caused by defective elevators or escalators as well as by broken or uneven staircases and steps.
  • Since PHL is owned by the City of Philadelphia, personal injury lawsuits will typically be more difficult to navigate, as a direct result of the additional protections granted to both city and state governments.

Pothole Slip & Falls

  • Potholes can be seen all throughout the city of Philadelphia and often can lead to considerably dangerous conditions for walkers, and drivers.
  • Since all roadways deteriorate over time, the liability of a pothole trip and fall accident falls upon whichever party is responsible for maintaining that sidewalk area or parking lot.
  • The property owner can be city/state government, a private business owner, a private residence owner, but regardless of which grouping the owner associates themselves with, it must be determined if they were aware or should have been aware of the pothole on their property.

Pools & Swim Clubs

  • Risk factors include slippery/wet walking surfaces, debris or equipment impeding the walking surface, and or broken or uneven sidewalks/parking lots, etc.
  • Swimming clubs and local pools also are required to warn members and visitors rules such as “No Running”, “No Diving.”, or “Caution Wet Floors.”
  • Without adherence to those rules, the potential for slip and falls at pools and swim clubs rises dramatically.

Injuries & Medical Treatment


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Important Fall Statistics

  • Slip And Fall Accidents Account For Over 95 % of Broken Hips, And Greater Than 25% of Spinal Cord Injuries in the U.S.
  • 1 In Every 5 Falls Causes A Broken Bone Or Severe Head Trauma
  • Over 700,000 Patients Per Year Are Hospitalized From Fall Injuries
  • Medical Costs For Fall Injuries Amounts To $34 Billion Annually

Life-Changing Consequences Of Slip & Falls

  • Surgery, Physical Therapy, & Rehabilitation Are Often Required After A Fall Down Accident
  • Temporary Or Permanent Paralysis
  • Limited Mobility, Accompanied By Chronic Pain
  • Death

Compensation For Damages

The experienced lawyers at note that each case is unique and thereby, each case’s worth is contingent on the specifics of that accident. However, if clients are looking for a more accurate predictor of their cases worth, our attorneys will review the details from each client’s specific accident, and provide victims with examples of previous settlements and verdicts in similar cases. Therefore, our attorneys do not suggest utilizing a slip, trip, and fall settlement calculator because it is unlikely to provide an accurate prediction. Depending on your specific slip, trip, and fall case, the following ways of financial compensation may be available to you:

  • Medical Expenses- Present and future
  • Loss of potential earnings
  • Pain and suffering- Past, current, and future
  • Exemplary or punitive damages- in the case of gross negligence

 Contact A Philadelphia Slip & Fall Accident Attorney

Our law firm is prepared to assist, and provide counsel to all slip, trip, and fall accident victims. Our team of lawyers has tremendous experience aiding victims, and in many cases has helped them obtain significant settlements or winning verdicts. Our number one goal is to decrease the burden that a clients slip and fall accident has on their daily life by providing detail oriented service, and client-friendly legal advice. Additionally, our lawyers work based on a contingency-fee, which means that their fee is contingent on a settlement or winning verdict. We encourage all victims to contact our office, and take the first step in securing a helpful settlement or gratifying court verdict, by scheduling a free legal consultation.