Municipal Liability Lawyers


philadelphiaIndividuals who are injured in slips, trips, and falls on public property are bound to experience a far more complex legal battle than those who were injured at a private residence, or on commercial property. Local governments are offered different laws and protections in comparison to private property owners. For example,  the court timeline is vastly different from a typical slip and fall lawsuit.

However, the experienced, intelligent team of attorneys at The Philadelphia Law Firm are prepared to take on the challenge of squaring off with the city of Philadelphia. Local governments and state governments should certainly still be held liable for their actions if they were negligent.  Furthermore, for victims injured on city or state property, it is especially important to have a proper personal injury attorney, that is well versed in premises liability lawsuit cases.

If you or one of your family members were injured on public property or an undefined sidewalk in Philadelphia, please take a few moments and contact our law firm. We handle our cases based on a contingency fee, therefore, we will not be paid unless we are able to secure our clients a winning verdict or beneficial settlement.  All interested parties are instructed to call our 24/7 help hotline and put yourself one step closer to securing reputable counsel for your legal battle and future.

Common Injuries

  • Bone fractures, most typically hips, legs, arms, or pelvis
  • Lacerations and scarring
  • Head trauma including TBIs and concussions
  • Spinal cord damage, in some cases leading to paralysis
  • Chronic neck and back pain
  • Muscle/Ligament tears, ruptures, strains, and sprains

Previous Cases Against Municipalities

Our lawyers have previously partaken in a multitude of legal proceedings against the city of Philadelphia. Most these philly-septa-slip-and-fallcases occurred in a wide variety of settings in the greater Philly area. For instance, our lawyers have seen claims against the city, and state including cases with:

Slip And Fall Accidents On City Or State Property

City and state governments can also have authority over local or bi-state government agencies. For example, the state of Pennsylvania, and the state of New Jersey govern the Delaware River Port Authority, which commissions the transportation between the two states. They are in control of four bridges, multiple ferries, and several railroad lines that connect the two Northeastern states. Public transportation such as SEPTA, which is the major transit provider for Philadelphia’s citizens, is also under the authority of the local government. Therefore, if a person is injured while at a SEPTA station in Philadelphia or on a SEPTA bus, they’re likely going to have a lawsuit case against the city of Philadelphia.

Our powerful team of lawyers is proud to assist all victims that have been troubled by the effects of a slip and fall accident in the great city of Philadelphia. We note that claims against the city are not limited to those we have previously worked with and that our attorneys at The Philadelphia Law Firm will work efficiently and directly to help all affected parties.

Contact A Philadelphia Attorney

The lawyers at The Philadelphia Law Firm are currently offering their assistance to all individuals that have been injured by a slip, trip, or fall accident in Philadelphia. The firm believes that each victim deserves the counsel and aid of an experienced personal injury lawyer, thereby, the firm are offering complimentary consultations to all affected individuals. If you would like to schedule a free legal consultation or ask any additional questions feel free to contact our 24/7 help hotline today.