icy-philly-roadThe winter months in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania present individuals with frigid temperatures, and increased precipitation, which can often lead to a greater number of potential slip, trip, and fall sites. While slipping, and falling on a snowy or icy surface resonates with individuals as an everyday occurrence, the potential injuries can be quite severe. Regrettably, in some extreme slip, trip, and fall cases individuals can be fatally injured. Nonetheless, in most cases, slip and fall victims sustain severe emotional and or physical trauma.

It is not atypical for victims to feel uninjured shortly after falling, in fact, some victims may not experience pain or discomfort for months. Some typical injuries include fractures, concussions, and torn ligaments or joints. Surgery and rehabilitation are often required following slip and fall accidents, likely leaving victims out of work indefinitely. Winter weather conditions place Philadelphia residents at an increased risk for slip and fall accidents. All affected individuals deserve reliable, extensive legal support. They deserve the counsel of the experienced attorneys of The Philadelphia Law Firm.

Philadelphia Ice and Snow Slip & Fall Lawyers

Victims of slip and fall accidents can be compensated in several ways including valuable financial assistance for medical payments, and reparations for lost earnings. In some cases, if individuals have been mutilated, and afflicted with life-threatening illnesses or conditions during the accident, the court may elect to award additional compensation to victims for future pain and suffering.

All citizens of Philadelphia that have slipped on snow or ice are advised to review their legal rights, and potential courses of action immediately. The personal injury lawyers at The Philadelphia Law Firm have tremendous experience aiding previous victims who were injured in slip and fall accidents on slippery, frozen surfaces during the cold Philadelphia winters.

Who Is Responsible?

philadelphia-dark-skylineOne of the most important factors for victims to consider when filing a slip and fall lawsuit is who was at fault in their accident. Property owners have a responsibility to maintain their property and are responsible for individuals invited onto their property legally. Invitations may be formal or implied. Regardless, property owners are supposed to do everything that is reasonable to ensure the safety and well-being of others on their property.

In the event of a property owner dismissing fault, and accusing the victim of being at fault, victims are encouraged to refer to Pennsylvania’s modified comparative negligence rule. This rule states that even if a victim is partially responsible for the slip and fall, they may still be entitled to financial compensation for associated injuries. Each property can provide a different definition of what is “reasonable” to expect from property owners. However, in most cases, property owners are required to remove snow and ice from parking lots and sidewalks on their property. Additionally, the party/parties responsible for a victim’s accident may vary in each case, depending on the unique circumstances leading to the victim’s fall. For example, if a property owner outsources the responsibility of shoveling to another company, that company along with the property owner may be deemed liable for a victim’s injuries.

Victims should also understand the “Natural Accumulation” rule, which specifies the amount of time that property owners have to combat icy, and snowy surfaces.  Each case is likely to present a different timetable for property owners to clear sidewalks and roadways. Which is likely based on the length of the storm, the size of the property, the temperature, and various other factors?

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The attorneys at The Philadelphia Law Firm are prepared to extensively review each victim’s specific case. Their goal is to sort through each and every fact from each case to determine who is liable and if existing property owners exhibited negligence. Our attorneys encourage those that been injured in a slip and falls due to conditions from inclement weather in the Philadelphia area to contact our 24-7 hotline for a complimentary legal consultation.