Philadelphia Office Building Fall Accident Attorneys

Philadelphia is home to countless skyscrapers and towering office building complexes, that many citizens proudly architecture-office-buildingscall their place of employment. Employees spend a tremendous amount of time in these buildings. They perform numerous job responsibilities in their given field. Those same hard-working employees expect the property owner, management company and maintenance crew to actively maintain a safe working environment. They expect the building staff to do everything in their power to promote employee safety, visitor safety, and worker enrichment.

There are hundreds of property owners in Philadelphia that adhere to the responsibilities they are rendered in the legal doctrine, premises liability. Those property owners actively create and maintain a safe work environment every day. However, there are other property owners who intentionally or accidentally disobey the legal agreement, that they have implicitly agreed to. This implicit agreement or contract between employees and property owners is validated every single time an employee walks into their building. Property owners are additionally responsible for the safety and well-being of all individuals who are legally on their property, such as visitors, clients or outside contractors.

Slip, Trip, And Fall Lawyers

Each property owner has the legal responsibility to maintain a reasonably safe work environment. In the event that they violate their end of the agreement, their negligence can cause dangerous slips, trips, and falls for employees. From our valuable experience representing victims of slip and falls, our team of attorneys understands the significance of proving accountability and assigning liability to negligent property owners.

Common injuries for slip and fall accident victims often include lacerations, fractures, tears and various forms of head, neck, and spinal trauma. Therefore, it can be extremely important for injured workers to secure compensation, as their injuries may force them to miss substantial time at work.  For those injured in a Philadelphia office building slip and fall accident, our lawyers encourage you to contact our law firm for a free legal consultation and take the first step in pursuing appropriate damages reparations and legal justice.

Accidents In Philadelphia Office Buildings

independence-hall-philadelphiaIndividuals who are injured at their place of work are unable to sue their employer for injuries, instead, their compensation will be defined by Pennsylvania’s workers compensation laws. Typical workers payment compensation benefits equal 2/3 of the weekly wage of the injured worker per week. The maximum compensation for an injured worker in Pennsylvania is  $978.00 per week. Pennsylvania Workers compensation payments are likely to cover medical expenses and lost wages.

For instance, since workers cannot sue their employer, they cannot qualify for compensation for non-economic damages. Non-economic damages include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and other forms of severe mental trauma. Moreover, victims who do secure workers compensation payments typically believe that they have utilized all potential gateways for reimbursement. However, in many cases, this belief is faulty, as is the case if your employer was not responsible for your workplace injury. If  victims feel this is representative of their fall accident, they can potentially file a personal injury lawsuit against negligent third-parties.

Third Parties Who May Be Held Liable For My Accident:

With the assistance and counsel of a respected Philadelphia personal injury lawyer, victims may directly stipulate which factors led to their trip, slip, or fall accident, and who is legally accountable for their damages. Previously our experienced roster of attorneys has found the following third parties liable for injuries, sustained by office building fall accident victims, including:

  1. Property Landlords
  2. Building’s Management Company
  3. Security Company In Office Building
  4. Outside Contractors In Office Building

Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been afflicted by injuries as a result of a slip, trip, or fall while at work, we encourage you to contact the fall accident lawyers at The Philadelphia Law Firm. Once connected with one of our attorneys, we will assist you in evaluating your potential courses of legal action. By calling our offices, Philadelphia residents will be entitled to a complimentary legal consultation from our highly-trained, expert slip and fall accident attorneys. Our lawyers will not receive compensation unless a client receives a victory in court, or accepts a proposed settlement. Take the first step in sorting our your future, and securing necessary damages compensation by contacting our law firm online or via our 24/7 help hotline.