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Philadelphia parking lots are commonly owned by private businesses, most of which possess excessive financial and legal resources,  in comparison to those of victims. One of the first things that fall accident victims must understand, is that they are not alone in their legal process unless they choose to be. We encourage all slip, trip, and fall accident victims to stray away from speaking to property owners, or their insurance companies, instead, we suggest speaking to a reputable, experienced personal injury lawyer.

This way, victims have a far greater chance of securing necessary compensation and do not need to pay for medical bills out of pocket. If victims choose to entertain opposing insurance company offers alone, they are unlikely to secure little more than a fraction of what they should legally be entitled to for damages.

Parking lot slip, trip, and fall accident victims typically are afflicted with injuries including bone fractures, ligament tears, strains, and sprains, along with structural damage to the victim’s head, neck, and back. In the situation, where a property owner was negligent leading an individual to a slip and fall accident, they are likely responsible for the resulting injuries and damages to the individual.

Who Is Liable For My Parking Lot Slip, Trip, & Fall?

Parking lot owners are treated the same way that other property owners are treated, therefore, they are responsible for keeping their lots in a reasonably safe condition. Moreover, if a slip and fall occurs on their property due to a dangerous safety hazard, the parking lot owner is usually going to be held responsible for the resulting injuries.  Compensation is likely to cover current and future medical bills, loss of wages, and pain and suffering.

Who Owns Philadelphia Parking Lots?

empty-parking-lotParking lots can be owned by private businesses, real estate management companies, and private individuals who operate the lot as a single business entity. Some parking lots in Philadelphia can be owned, operated, or managed by a local government agency. In most of these cases in the City of Philadelphia, the government organization in charge is the Philadelphia Parking Authority. The experience, expertise, and knowledge of a reputable personal injury lawyer can be especially beneficial in cases against the government, as the government has additional protections compared to private businesses.

Common Locations For Accidents

Throughout our long tenure serving fall accident victims from the greater Philadelphia area, we have seen several parking lots that have caused a great frequency of slip and fall accidents, such as:

  • Philadelphia Zoo
  • Philadelphia Sports Complex
  • Parking Lots In Center City
  • Walnut Street Parking Lots
  • King Of Prussia Mall
  • Market Street Parking Lots

Common safety hazards leading to previous fall accidents include potholes, lack of proper lighting, and uneven driving and walking surfaces. These parking lots are likely to experience a far greater level of wear and tear in comparison to less populated lots, due to a significantly higher activity level. Roadways and sidewalks will break down on their own over time, but with help from everyday car use, these parking lots are significantly more likely to present dangers to pedestrians and drivers.

Contact An Attorney

Our team of attorneys at The Philadelphia Law Firm has valuable access to previous slip and fall cases, as well as expertise dealing with personal injury lawsuit cases. We have stood up for the rights of a wide variety of citizens of Philadelphia, and have represented clients  across the greater Philadelphia region, often securing them sizable financial compensation. We believe this makes our law firm a viable option for all fall accident victims.

Additionally, our law firm operates based on a contingency fee, meaning that our lawyers will not receive a fee for their services until our clients are satisfied by a valuable settlement or winning court verdict. We encourage all victims to contact our 24/7 hotline, schedule a free legal consultation, and explore how our law firm can best serve and assist you and your family.