Lawyers Assisting Slip & Fall Victims

swimming-pool-under-waterSwim clubs, community pools, and private residences with pools offer individuals the luxury to relax, exercise, and much more equally refreshing benefits. Activities such as swimming, water aerobics, diving, and treading water can increase an individual’s cardiovascular strength and endurance level. Although swim clubs do offer countless benefits to their members, they can also present individuals with a multitude of potential slip, trip, and fall accident hazards. Swim club owners, managers, and employees must effectively maintain order, and authority at all times in order to deter dangerous slip and fall cases.

For instance, they must limit running, jogging, and even swift walking due to the slippery surfaces surrounding the majority of current pools. Moreover, in addition to limiting running, they must also provide cautionary warnings of all wet, slick, or slippery surfaces in restrooms, restaurants, and spa facilities. Furthermore, they must also dispose of all debris, trash, waste, and broken equipment. To sum their responsibilities up, they must provide members, visitors, and other individuals on site with a reasonably safe facility.

Who Is Liable For My Philadelphia Swim Club Fall Accident?

In the event that they intentionally or accidentally do not do so, they have violated their premises liability. Premises liability is a legal doctrine that states that all property owners have a duty to their employees, customers, or members to do everything in their power to provide a safe environment. In the case that a property owner does not adhere to these rules, they are likely liable for all damages sustained by individuals that were injured in slip and fall accidents on their property.

In addition to the interior of the swim club, which can feature safety hazards such as wet slippery, or slick floors, as well as objects impeding the walking surface, and broken or uneven floor tiles. Swim club property owners are also responsible for maintaining their parking lots, pedestrian sidewalks, stairwells, that can all rise severe hazards for individuals.

How Much Is My Case Worth?

One of the most common misconceptions that slip, trip, and fall victims currently believe today, is that there is a numerical formula that will spit out the exact amount of deserved compensation. In simple terms, compensation for victims should be looked at on a case to case basis because it is greatly dependent on the specific elements and details of each specific slip, trip, or fall accident.

All victims are encouraged to contact an expert slip and fall attorney before speaking to potentially liable parties, in order to maximize potential compensation. Settlement amounts are usually based off of factors including loss of wages, current and future medical bills, as well as accounting for non-economic factors like pain and suffering. Therefore, the more serious of an injury sustained a slip, trip, or fall accident, leads to higher medical costs, and in many cases greater compensation.

Common Injuries

  • Bone fractures, dislocations, and hyperextensions
  • TBIs, concussions, and various other forms of severe head trauma
  • Lacerations and scarring
  • Spinal cord damage, leading to potential paralysis
  • Sprains, tears, strains, and various other muscle, joint, & ligament injuries

Contact An Attorney

Our extensive team of experienced lawyers are prepared to assist and counsel all slip, trip, and fall accident victims in the greater Philadelphia area. We have previously aided hundreds of fall accident victims, in many cases securing them well-deserved settlements or winning court verdicts. The lawyers at The Philadelphia Law Firm are currently offering all victims a free legal consultation so that they may explore their legal rights. Additionally, our lawyers work based on a contingency-fee, which stipulates that they will not receive a single cent from a client unless they secure the client a settlement or winning verdict.