Pothole Slip, Trip, & Fall Attorneys

pothole-in-philly-areaPotholes are unavoidable in almost every major city across the globe, needless to say, the historic city of Philadelphia is not an exemption to this common standard.  Our wonderful city is filled with hundreds of roadways, and an even greater number of pedestrian sidewalks where potholes can form rapidly. Potholes can present severe hazards to walkers, and drivers, and with a higher prevalence of potholes, trip and fall accidents are likely to increase along with potential injuries.

Victims are encouraged to consult an educated, and well-prepared slip and fall attorney to evaluate their potential actions following a pothole slip, trip, or fall accident. Our powerful team of lawyers at The Philadelphia Law Firm are greatly experienced in personal injury law and are ready to fight for you and secure you necessary financial compensation for damages. Compensation will stem from the present, and future medical bills, as well as take into account, an individual’s lost wages.

What Causes The Formation Of Potholes?

Potholes are usually formed from small cracks that form in roadways, and sidewalks after an extended period of use, and effects from various weather conditions. Over time, those small cracks in the pavement are filled with ice, water, or snow, thereby expanding and enlarging the cracked section of asphalt. Continuous traffic stresses the already broken-down pavement, eventually forcing the asphalt to sever completely and create a gap in the pavement, which we define as a pothole.

Who Is Liable?

Potholes and Traffic Cones

Property owners are liable for the maintenance and upkeep of their properties. Roadways and sidewalks are no exceptions to their premises liability, in fact, due to an increased level of wear and tear, proper maintenance is critical. Whoever owns the land where the pothole has formed, has a duty to repair the pavement on their property. Therefore, in the event of an injury from a pothole trip and fall accident, if the property owner didn’t maintain and repair their property they are likely liable. It is also important to determine, whether the property owner was aware, or unaware of the pre-existing hazardous condition that caused the victim’s slip and fall. The liable parties can include private business owners, private residence owners, and in certain unfortunate cases can include the City of Philadelphia, and other local government agencies. Lawsuit cases against the city or state government can be especially difficult for slip and fall victims. This is due to additional protections granted to the government in lawsuit cases, and a different premises liability lawsuit case timeline.

Contact A Local Lawyer

Our team of attorneys at The Philadelphia Law Firm have garnered a tremendous amount of experience representing previous slip, trip and fall accident victims. We are prepared to fight for all trip and fall victims  and have previously counseled victims injured in potholes on Philadelphia’s pedestrian sidewalks, roadways, and parking lots.

Our law firm is offering all slip and fall victims a complimentary legal consultation so that each victim has the opportunity to evaluate their legal rights cost-free.  We encourage all victims to contact our 24/7 help hotline and explore how our law firm can assist you or your loved one in securing compensation for afflicted injuries and damages.