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stairs-warning-signAcross the United States, property owners must actively maintain a reasonably safe property for customers and employees. Property owners must ensure that their properties are maintained properly by clearing off sidewalks, and parking lots of ice and snow. They also must warn customers of wet or slippery floors, repair faulty staircases, etc. However, a multitude of property owners do not adhere to this agreement and thereby violate their premises liability.

Property owners are responsible for individuals that are legally on their property. Individuals can be explicitly invited onto the property by an invitation, or implicitly invited, as is the case with most retail store customers. If implicitly or explicitly invited onto a property, the individual is lawfully on the property owner’s premises and is known as an invitee. Any invitee on a given property is the responsibility of the property owner. Therefore, if an invitee is injured while on a property due to the property owner’s negligence, the property owner is likely liable for the invitee’s injuries and damages. If an individual is unlawfully on a property, they are known as trespassers. If a trespasser is injured while unlawfully on a certain property, they cannot pursue damages compensation against the property owner.

Previous Slip, Trip, & Fall Accidents

Our premises liability lawyers have a plethora of significant experience assisting victims of slips, trips, and falls in Philadelphia. We have secured previous victims thousands of dollars in compensations, and we believe that we can accomplish a similar feat for all new clients.  Our previous premises liability lawsuit cases include:

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Previous victims have made several incorrect claims frequently, therefore, we felt it would be beneficial to victims to clarify a few common discrepancies. For instance, clients often believe that if an accident occurs at a relative’s home, then they cannot file a lawsuit. This stems from the common belief that they would be directly suing their friend or relative. Simply put, for individuals who were hurt at a relative, or friends home, you are not directly suing them.  In reality, if you are hurt at a relative’s house, and file a lawsuit, it is against their insurance company.

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Our attorneys place a focal point on each client’s satisfaction and happiness and will do everything in their power to deliver each victim an extensive settlement or satisfying court victory. If you or one of your family members have been injured due to a property deficiency, please explore your legal options with an experienced personal injury lawyer. Contact our 24/7 help hotline to evaluate what our team of expert attorneys can do for you. Our team of lawyers will not receive an attorney fee unless they deliver a client a winning verdict or settlement.