Slip & Fall Settlements

Compensation in slip, trip and fall accidents can vary from thousands of dollars, to in some cases, millions. It all philadelphia-261125_640depends on the specific details of your slip and fall accident. Each accident is unique, resulting in different injuries, occurring in different places, at different times. This makes it an extremely difficult task to estimate appropriate damages compensation. Our law firm urges victims to disregard settlement calculators, and instead, contact a legal professional. The expansive team of lawyers at The Philadelphia Law Firm have extensive experience counseling slip and fall accident victims. In many cases, they were able to help clients secure sizable compensation via settlements or winning court verdicts.

Important Case Information To Consider

The aftermath of a slip, trip, and fall accident can be filled with drama, so it is important for victims to document their account of the incident. In the case that a potentially liable party is asking the victim questions, it is important to remain concise and specific, any unnecessary information may be harmful in the future. It is also important for victims to refer insurance companies to their attorney, as any shared information can be detrimental later on. Other tips for victims include remaining calm, seeking medical help if necessary, and most of all contacting a legal professional as soon as possible.

If no one documents your slip, trip, and fall accident it is greatly important to document the following information:

  1. Where did the accident occur?
  2. When did the accident occur?
  3. What events led up to the accident?
  4. Who witnessed the accident?
  5. Was the accident avoidable?
  6. Which hazardous conditions were present at the time of the accident?

We also encourage victims to take pictures of the accident site and document the testimony of nearby witnesses.

Who Is Liable?

After a victim has been injured due to a slip, trip, and fall, many times the first question on their mind is, “Who is responsible for my injuries?” This is where personal injury cases can become quite complicated. In most cases, the responsible party is the property owner, who has a legal responsibility to maintain a reasonably safe premises. This is dictated to property owners through the legal doctrine, premises liability, which explains that a property owner is responsible for the safety and well-being of all individuals legally on their property. For a more thorough explanation of who is legally on a property, please refer to our premises liability page.

caution-wet-floor-signTherefore, if a customer, employee, or third party are injured while on a property, the property owner is likely liable. Property owners must actively maintain their entire premises, which includes the interior of their property, as well as their exterior. Their interior can include hazardous conditions such as slippery floors, defective staircases, and lack of warning signs. The property’s exterior can include hazards including icy or snowy sidewalks and parking lots, potholes, and broken or uneven walking surfaces. Property owners who are negligent, and do not actively repair and maintain their property will often be found liable in a personal injury lawsuit.

Additionally, in Pennsylvania, we adhere to the legal concept of comparative negligence. This is contemplated when a courtroom believes that no one party is completely at fault for an accident. Comparative negligence if implemented, would result in the victim’s damages compensation being cut by a percentage representative of their share of the liability. If there is compensation leftover once accounting for a victims fault, they will be granted that amount for damages reparations.

Previous Fall Accident Locations

Our team of attorneys has worked with clients who were injured in the following locations:

Additional Slip & Fall Accident Locations

There are several other accident settings our lawyers have previously seen, that will further complicate the protocol of pending lawsuit cases. Which are:

All slip, trip, and fall accidents that occur on government property frequently result in complex, unorthodox, lawsuit procedures. This is due to the additional protections that city and state governments and their agencies are granted by the federal government. Office buildings present a different protocol as well, due to workers compensation laws. Employees are usually unable to sue their employer if they’re injured at work, however, they may be able to sue a liable third party.

Previous Settlements:

Listed below are a few examples of previous slip, trip, and fall victims, that thanks to the Philadelphia Law Firm’s expertise, secured much-needed compensation for their damages.

  • $250,000 for a staircase slip, and fall due to owner negligence, where victim sustained several serious injuries.
  • $147,000 for a broken leg in a negligence case against a carpet company.
  • $140,000 for a staircase slip, and fall due to visibility issues, and owner negligence.

Contact An Attorney

Our law firm believes that we are best suited to provide counsel and assistance to all slip, trip, and fall accident victims. Our goal is to provide each customer with a suitable settlement or winning court verdict while minimizing the negative effects a slip, and fall can bring to each victim’s daily life. The attorneys at The Philadelphia Law Firm are currently offering all victims a complimentary legal consultation so that they may evaluate their legal rights. Victims have nothing to lose, as our attorneys work on a contingency-fee basis, meaning that they are not paid a fee until they win their client’s case.  If you or a loved one have been injured in a slip, trip, and fall accident, take the first step in securing compensation by calling our 24/7 help hotline today.