Retail Store Slip, Trip, & Fall Accident Lawyers

Property owners of retail businesses have a duty to maintain a reasonably safe premises for customers and employees. In the event that they are negligent in the maintenance of their property, property owners and leasers may be found liable for injuries due to slip and fall accidents on their property. Property owners must adhere to these regulations both inside their store and in their parking lots. When an individual legally enters their store or parking lot, their well-being and safety become the responsibility of the property owner.

shopping-cartsIf you have slipped and fallen in a retail store, you most likely have the right to pursue damages compensation for lost wages, and medical bills. In some cases, victims may also be entitled to damages for non-economic factors such as pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.  Our team of attorneys at The Philadelphia Law Firm has tremendous experience helping individuals who have been injured in retail store slips, trips, and falls. In many previous cases, our attorneys have helped previous clients secure extensive settlements, or winning court verdicts.

We believe that all slip, trip, and fall victims deserve the exclusive service that our lawyers can offer them. We are proud to note that throughout the legal process together, our number one goal is to minimize the resulting challenges that each victim’s slip and fall accident holds on their current life. In simpler terms, our attorneys will work diligently, and passionately to ensure that our clients are both comfortable and satisfied by our services at all times.

How Much Is My Accident Worth?

Compensation for injured victims can vary significantly depending on the severity of an individual’s injuries and the subsequent effects that their injuries will have on their current and future earnings. If an individual cannot return to their prior job after a slip and fall accident, they likely deserve a substantial compensation for lost future wages. Injuries such as severe head trauma and spinal cord damage can permanently disable victims. Disabling injuries such as paralysis and lack of cognitive functioning can generate expensive future medical bills.  It is not uncommon for injuries to develop a few weeks after the accident.

Individuals can lose potential compensation if they choose to speak to a negligent store owner directly. We recommend that in the event of a slip, trip, and fall accident, victims contact a legal professional before answering any questions. If a retail store manager, owner, or employee does not document the accident, it is important that the victim does so. Important details to include are what led to the accident, was the accident avoidable, and who witnessed the accident. If the store does document the incident, we encourage victims to be specific and concise in their statements.

Store, Supermarket, Mall Slip & Fall Accident Examples

Our law firm has represented clients with all types of premises liability claims, including but not limited to slips, trips, and fall accidents caused by:

  • Spills, debris, trash, or broken product on walking surface
  • Improper cautionary warnings for slippery or wet floors
  • Defective escalators or elevators or stairwells
  • Icy, Snowy or slippery sidewalks
  • Uneven walking surface

Retail store slips, trips, or falls can result in severe injuries including, severe head and back trauma, spinal injuries,mall-escalators fractures, dislocations, tears, lacerations, scarring, etc. In severe cases, victims may sustain temporary or permanent paralysis and even fatal injuries. As a result, some victims may be unable to perform prior jobs or daily routines and will be in dire need of compensation for living costs.

Contact A Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one have been injured while in a Philadelphia-area mall, store, supermarket or restaurant we encourage you to contact our 24/7 help hotline. Once there, victims can explore how our team of lawyers can help them via a complimentary legal consultation. We hope to minimize the burden your slip and fall accident holds on your daily life, and provide assistance in securing a settlement or winning verdict. If we fail to deliver a victim a settlement or court victory, our lawyers will not receive their attorney fee. Take the first step in securing financial compensation, and your future happiness by contacting our 24/7 help hotline today.