When people think of swimming pools, they think of summer fun for the whole family. However, parents need to understand that their very young children are at a higher drowning risk than other people, and that slip and fall incidents are very real. The good news is that with some understanding and proactive action, pool accidents involving young children can be prevented.

Some Statistics To Keep In Mind About Pools And Drowning

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that 76 percent of all drowning deaths in the United Swimming lessonsStates, that occur in any type of body of water, involve victims who are five years old or younger. As for swimming pools, 67 percent of drowning deaths that occur in pools involve victims who are three years of age or younger.

The reality is that pool accidents, more often than not, pose a very real danger to young children. Parents should be aware of these statistics and take care to keep an eye on their children whenever they are near water.

Accidents Can Happen Fast

Any child old enough to crawl or walk can find themselves the victim of a slip and fall accident close to a pool. A young child that gets out of the house and walks through an open pool gate could slip on the concrete or tile deck and fall into the water. It happens most frequently to children under the age of 14, and it is something parents need to be aware of.

One solution is to find a swimming instructor in your local area who offers safety swimming lessons to children. If you own a pool and have young children, then these types of lessons should be considered mandatory. A trained instructor can teach a child as young as six months how to float face-up in a pool until help arrives.

How Slip And Fall Accidents Occur To Children

Many pools have decks made of concrete or tile because concrete and tile are water resistant and easy to clean. But when those two substances get wet, they can also be very slippery. To young children who have yet to completely develop their balance, walking on tile can be like walking on a sheet of ice.

A typical slip and fall accident involving a child and a pool starts with parents either losing track of the child, and the barriers to the pool being compromised. As a young child walks away, they might be attracted to the shimmering water or they might remember fun times associated with the family at a pool. In almost every case, a young child does not leap into a pool to go swimming. The tragedies that occur at pools take place when a child approaches the water, slips, and then falls in. In an instant, tragedy can occur.

What About Careful Parents?Children at pool

If you are a parent who keeps a close eye on your children, then you would not expect to have issues with pool accidents. But what if you are visiting someone and their pool fence gate is not secured? You look away for just a second, and you hear people screaming near the pool. If your child is injured, or possibly worse, by someone else’s negligence, then it is important for you to know that you do have a recourse.

It can be a helpless feeling if your child’s slip and fall accident near a pool was not your fault. However, a child slipping and falling near a pool carries the same level of negligence as any other slip and fall case. If your child was injured due to someone else’s negligence in the care or proper security of their swimming pool, then you should consider hiring an experienced attorney and protecting your rights as a responsible parent.