Halloween is a fun and exciting time for kids. They get to dress up and collect a bag full of candy and share it with you if you’re lucky. When taking your child trick or treating this Halloween, you need to be prepared for possible dangers that you might not normally think about. Kids are going to be far more excited than normal so it will be left up to parents to reinforce safety rules set in place so injuries do not occur.

Pedestrian Safety

Halloween is a time when many children and their parents hit the streets and walk from door to door. If your child is under the age of 10, then you should accompany them to ensure they are safe and stay out of the way of cars. According to the National Safety Council, children are twice as likely to be struck by a vehicle and killed on Halloween. Therefore, remember to keep your child close to you and always watch for cars.

October is also a time when the¬†treacherous weather can strike. Wet or slick roads and sidewalks can lead to slip and fall accidents. Kids tend to get very excited as they are running from house to house and may even dart across the road without looking. It’s important to discuss with your kids the ground rules regarding crossing the street on Halloween night in order to avoid falls and getting hit by a car. And, while you might not think about falls contributing to injury, you should give it some consideration and follow these tips suggested by familyeducation.com:

  • Ensure your child’s costume fits properly. Loose-fitting costumes that drag the ground can cause a trip hazard which can lead to an injurious fall.
  • If your child’s costume includes props, such as swords or knives, make sure such items are made of rubber or other soft material so that your child won’t be injured by them should they fall.
  • Avoid using a mask, if possible, because a mask limits a child’s vision, especially at night. You could, instead, offer to paint their face.
  • Tell your child to avoid running across yards. This is because there could be concealed hazards in yards, such as a hole in the ground, lawn ornaments or a clothesline. Any number of unseen hazards in a yard could cause injury.

Safety Tips For Halloween Night

Halloween is meant to be fun, but you must establish rules for your kids to follow to make sure they are safe. With so many people out walking and so many cars out and about, it could be an accident waiting to happen. But, by following some tips, you and your child can avoid injury on Halloween night. Some of these tips include:

  • If your child is going alone, plan and review the route with them and decide on a time when they should return home.
  • Teach your child to stay away from strangers and never enter a stranger’s car or home.
  • Discuss with your child the importance of staying in well-lit, familiar areas and to stay with friends.
  • Tell your child to avoid eating any candy until you are able to inspect it.
  • Ensure your child’s costume is fire-resistant.
  • If your child will be out after dark, attach reflective tape to their costume.

By following the previously mentioned tips, you can keep Halloween safe and fun for yourself and your child. But, there is always a chance that someone could be injured and with everyone doing so much walking on Halloween night, there is a possibility that injury could be the result of a slip and fall accident. If that is the case, then you should call the experienced attorneys at the Philadelphia Law Firm to discuss your situation and get advice on what your next steps should be.