People are always on the go. Some trips can be accomplished in one day and other trips mean several days away from home. This is even truer during the holidays. Although most travel is done by car, about five to six percent of trips are done by air, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. If air travel is in your plans, you are likely too busy to be thinking about potential personal injuries that could happen during your travels. Keeping a few safety tips in mind while traveling by air will ensure you avoid personal injury and reach your destination safely.

Watch Your Step

When you enter a busy airport, your main concern is making your flight on time and getting to your final destination. The thought of being injured because of a slip and fall probably does not even occur to you. However, this can be a real danger and cause serious harm. If you experience snow, ice or rain on the tarmac, be extra cautious so you don’t fall. Avoid rushing around by arriving long before your flight is scheduled to take off. Doing so will allow you to take your time while navigating around the airport. This will ensure you don’t take a misstep or get knocked down by others who are in a hurry which can be a real threat during busy times like the holidays.

Secure Overhead Luggage

Secure all hand luggage in an overhead locker. Ensure that you are following the airline’s rules when it comes to the size and weight of the hand luggage. If carry-on luggage is too heavy or too big to fit into the locker and you force it in, it could cause the locker to burst open and fall onto you or another unsuspecting passenger. This has the potential to cause serious harm and at the very least may land you in the hospital for a night as it did for one passenger flying with British Airways.

Handle Hot Beverages With Care

If you are someone who enjoys hot coffee, tea or other hot beverage while flying, then you must take care to avoid spilling the beverage. In fact, NPR suggests that burns from hot drinks accounted for 39 percent of injuries. But, even if you have a steady handle on your drink, that doesn’t mean you are out of harm’s way. If the plane hits any turbulence you could spill your drink and be burned. The same could happen if someone accidentally bumps your arm. To help reduce such an injury, always use a cup with a lid. A small bit of beverage might splash out of a lid, but it will inflict a lot less pain and injury than an entire cup of hot beverage.

Follow The Flight Attendant’s Instructions

There will be times when the flight attendant will instruct you to buckle or unbuckle your seat belt. Follow those instructions so that you can stay safe. If you’re told to buckle up and you fail to do so, if the plane shifts, such as in take-off, landing or going through turbulence, you could be bumped out of your seat. Injuries from such incidents range from minor to serious. The Federal Aviation Administration estimates 58 people are injured by turbulence each year because they are not wearing a safety belt. If those same people had followed the instructions, they likely would’ve escaped with no injuries.

Your main goal is to get to where you are going. Your plans certainly do not include going to the hospital for an injury you sustained while traveling. Keeping these safety tips in mind will help you avoid injury while traveling.